Intermediate Course In Digital Marketing


This Digital marketing Program is designed for professionals and entrepreneurs to get a complete idea on all the factors of branding your products or services online. The Dotz Web Academy course focuses on 8 main modules to ensure that you are well-equipped on all concepts of digital marketing as alignment of the changing marketing trends. This is a practical oriented course with a duration of 6 weeks.

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Module 1

WordPress Design & Development

  • Introduction To Digital Marketing and Its Importance
  • Overview on Search Engine Working
  • Google Ranking Factors for listing
  • Understanding wordpress
  • WordPress Configuration & Customization

Module 2

SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

  • Keyword Research & Competitor Analysis
  • Fundamental On page Factors
  • Importance of Link Building & Insight to Various Link Building Activities
  • Introduction to Google Web Analytics
  • SEO For E-Commerce Sites
  • Local Business Listing

Module 3

SEM (Search Engine Marketing)

  • The importance of using Google Adwords
  • Adwords Account Structure
  • Search engine marketing keyword research
  • Adwords campaign basics
  • Adwords Targeting & Placements
  • Adwords bidding and budgeting (understanding the auction)

Module 4

SMM (Social Media Marketing)

  • The Importance Of Social Media
  • Profile Creation & management across all Social Media platforms
  • Advertising & Content Strategy
  • Tools used in Social Media Marketing
  • Measuring ROI in Social Media Marketing

Module 5

Email Marketing

  • Email marketing Content strategy
  • Email marketing tools and plugins
  • Email marketing templates

Module 6

Content Marketing

  • Essentials for creating engaging content
  • Fundamentals to an SEO Friendly Blog
  • Understand the process of converting leads to sales through Content Strategy

Module 7

Lead Generation & Conversion Optimization

  • Create enticing CTA’S
  • The anatomy of a landing page
  • Create successful landing pages
  • Guiding the next step with thank you pages

Module 8

Mobile SEO

  • Understanding mobile SEO
  • Optimizing your website for feature phones and smartphones
  • Developing mobile friendly content