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Dotz Web Academy

Dotz Web Academy is a Digital Marketing Training Institute in Cochin, Kerala, India. At Dotz, we are obsessed with providing quality training in Digital Marketing. Our Digital Marketing Course is designed in such a way that anyone from a Beginner to Advanced Level can benefit equally.

Dotz Web Academy is the training division of Dotz Web Technologies, a web development and digital marketing agency in India. With over a decade of experience and expertise in managing and developing for the world wide web. Our Digital marketing courses have been structured to combat the ever increasing demand of digital marketing skills.

Our Mission

Our Mission is to provide Quality Digital Marketing training to all. We Believe in creating a bright future for the Digital Marketers.

There is a huge demand for digital marketing professionals around the world, but not enough manpower to meet those demands. Dotz Web Academy aims to bridge that gap by creating quality digital marketing experts for the modern world with our digital marketing course. Digital marketing skills will help students, Professionals and business owners to stand apart from the rest.