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Google and Facebook Certified Digital Marketing Course in India

Digital Marketing is the future. Learn Digital Marketing from the leading Digital Marketing Experts in the Industry. At Dotz Web Academy, we ensure that you achieve your goal of becoming a Google & Facebook Certified SEO & Digital Marketing Expert.

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Why Learn Digital Marketing?

The Digital Marketing Course is structured to get the maximum output by focusing on Practical Knowledge than theory!

Huge demand for Digital Marketing skills

The industry has started realizing the significance of Digital Marketing in India and that is the main reason marketers are being hired who have skills and knowledge in the field. This is the point why digital marketing industry is facing problems to get talented people in the field. So, learning Digital Marketing is a plus point in today’s world.

Digital Marketing gets you better Pay & Position

Digital Marketing connects to customers, generates leads and sales. Companies hire only those marketers who can generate leads and sales. Acquire skills in Digital Marketing and get placed for higher pay and position.

Digital Marketing opens up wide variety of Job Prospects

You must be thinking that Digital Marketing is only Digital Marketing, but it is not as there are lots more to it. There are many areas in Digital Marketing like Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Marketing etc. You can learn basics of these courses and can specialize in one of them that would help you to get a variety of jobs.

Learning Digital Marketing is affordable and high returning

Pursuing a course in Digital Marketing is affordable than a MBA course or any such marketing course. In addition, the returns on learning on Digital Marketing are immensely high as you would get various job prospects and higher pay. So, Learning Digital Marketing would also enhance your skills and get a good job with higher pay.

Become Google & Facebook Certified Experts

Digital Marketing profession is listed in the top 5 profession to look out in 2018. That directly means that industry is increasingly realizing the importance of Digital Marketing in India, and therefore hiring marketers that have skills and knowledge in it. Google and Facebook Certifications will help you stand out from the crowd. Be recognized not only in India but anywhere is the World.

Easily start your own Business or earn independently

One of the most important profits of career in Digital Marketing is that you could easily start your own business or earn independently. If you search for keywords like hire a digital marketing professional or freelance digital marketing professional, you will find huge number of people online who provide services from small to large companies over the world.

Who Should Learn Digital Marketing?

Anybody who is passionate about the internet and marketing should definitely learn Digital Marketing


Digital Marketing is not a technical field and can be easily grasped by everyone. As college going students are on the urge to develop their career, so digital marketing is one of the best options that are available for them. Digital Marketing is the new trend in internet and so there is demand for professionally trained digital marketers.

Marketing Professionals

People with a BBA or a MBA degree, Sales professionals, Business development executives can get profit from this Digital Marketing course. As getting updated about the latest trends in internet and with good skills takes up the chance of getting hired in a good company with a higher pay.

Career Switchers / Individuals

Those individuals who are at present executing the marketing strategies and interested in switching to new marketing channels should definitely take up this course. As in this course, not only digital marketing is taught but other areas are also covered that would help them to specialize in any one field and enhance their skills and get a good job.


Being a CEO of a company you should know about the latest Digital Marketing strategies that are implemented by the organization and can also help in carrying out the whole process with the concern teams. Our Digital Marketing Course would help to make your company flourish more effectively.

Business Owners

People who are still in the business sectors can learn Digital Marketing in order to earn money and generate profits as this is the minimum efforts that could be carried out with higher Returns on Investment. An advanced course in Digital Marketing would be beneficial for your company and also you could enhance your skills in various fields.

IT Professionals

As the importance of Digital Marketing is growing significantly, people with IT background will have good future in Digital Marketing. Technology drives business in today’s digital world and if mastered in Digital Marketing techniques then you would get good results in the industry. So, this is the main reason to study Digital Marketing.

Digital Marketing Job Opportunities

A Digital Marketing Expert can choose from various Job Designations


Digital Marketing Manager

Digital Marketing Manager has responsibility to lead the digital marketing team. The Digital Marketing Manager will report to the Vice President of Marketing in the company they work for. Digital Marketing Manager is a mid-senior level manager position

Search Engine Optimizer (SEO Executive)

Having good knowledge in search engine optimization will get you more traffic from Google and there is no need to spend money on Google AdWords campaigns. A SEO executive will perform keyword research, user experience optimization and so on.

Social Media Marketing Expert

The duty of a Social Media Marketing Expert is to spread the content through various social media channels. Running a paid advertising in Social Media needs some expertise. Social Media Marketing Expert shares content through different channels.

Content Marketing

Content Marketing Manager is in charge of content marketing. The duties that are involved content marketing are managing the blog, sales page copywriting, eBook publications, video marketing and many more.

Copy Writer

A copywriter is appointed to work with the people in the Digital Marketing team. The Copywriter will be assisting the Search Engine Marketer to writing taglines and description, help social media manager post content on social media channels and many more.

Search Engine Marketer

The Search Engine Marketer will be reporting to Digital Marketing Manager. Search Engine Marketer should bring a particular number of leads and clicks in the website. The work includes analysis, keyword research, ad copywriting etc.

Inbound Marketing

The duty of an Inbound Marketing Manager will be managing the funnel and conversion at each stage. The other components that Inbound Marketing Manager looks through are Drip marketing; lead nurturing, conversion rate optimization.

Conversion Rate Optimizer

An expert in Conversion Rate Optimizer will aid the Inbound Marketing manager to create landing pages that will convert well. In addition, a Conversion Rate Optimizer would be using various tools so that higher conversions could be achieved.